Monday, February 26, 2007

SAL #13 Sock it to me!

I finally finished Mr. K's other sock. Boy, oh boy, oh boy! I had a wee bit of trouble closing the toe and I'd dropped a stitch, ARGH! He didn't care about any of it, he was just happy to have the socks. The self-striping yarn didn't even come close to lining up (Whoop! Whoop!: Cheap Yarn Alert!) but Mr. K, again, didn't care about that either. The man is just happy to finally have the pair. And if he is happy then so am I!
The next thing I plan to finish is "The Dress That Never Ends" for Miss K. It's her Easter dress this year. I only need to sew one seam. After that I plan to complete the bolero that does with it. All I have to do to that is sew 2 seams. I'll complete these for the last few day of February is for Finishing. After I've spent 30 minutes finishing an item I then move on to my own Lint for Lent KAL. I'm making a prayer shawl for that. Once that hour is up I'm using that time to work on my Fly Away Free Jacket (see link in previous post), I'm about 50% of the way through that. I'm also crocheting a summer wrap with Waikiki from Crystal Palace.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Second Time Around

Well the massive yarn pile that was to be the Banff sweater will now become the Fly Away Free Jacket! How fun to take what was to be a winter item and turn it into a spring and summer one.

I have to tell you that Jill at Just One More Row was great to deal with! I had a little problem with ordering online so we did a transaction through the mail that was lightening fast! Even with the holiday weekend and coast-to-coast travel I had my patterns in under 7 days. These are great looking and incredibly easy looking. I suggest you check her out. I also ordered the Heartbeat Sweater and the Half Moon Bay Sweater. Looking forward to taking those one with stash yarn.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

SAL Projects # 11 & 12

These are gifts I made for my grandfather and great aunt Clara.

The angel is great little quick and free pattern from Lucy Bug . Since the angel is for my grandfather who is undergoing cancer treatment and thought it would be good for him to tuck in his pocket if he desired. The finished size is about 2 1/2 inches tall. I opted not to give it hair since he will be losing his. The button I used for the halo was from my grandmother's (his wife)button jar that I inherited when she passed away. Just one more angel he has watching over his shoulder.

The scarf is from the Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller. I made it much shorter than the one in the book; just long enough to go around her neck and touch her waistband. It's light and airy and made from Cascade's Pima Silk. The color is more dark pink than my pictures indicate. I think she'll really like it for her style and climate.

Currently on my needles is the mate to Mr. Knotty's sock.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Project #10 Scratched but Quickly Replaced!

Sort of like the wacky astronaut's future missions, my SAL project #10 has been scrubbed. It was to be the Banff sweater, but has been frogged. Too much time had passed since I last worked on it to know why I had 2 different sizes going, the sleeves were not right because I was running out of yarn, and yada, yada, yada the rest is history. However, that yarn will not go to waste! I will create this jacket. I know it is the right yarn, I know I have enough yarn, I know I will have happy yarn! I am likely to have enough left to make this purse which is a free pattern!

So with that said I created a NEW SAL #10. It's a hat for a fellow church-goer who is having a girl on Thursday. I really love this little free crochet pattern!

Working on SAL #11, 12 & 13 simulatenously. Just need to weave in the ends of #11. 12 is a secret and 13 is a sock for Mr. Knotty. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Uhhh... scratch that!

As I sat, just moments ago, knitting happily away at the front shoulder shaping on that Banff sweater, I realized that it would be a good idea to hold it up to the back to see how things were shaping up. Warning folks, this does not end well..... The front, which is incomplete mind you, is soooo much longer than the back. Houston we have a problem!

I think I may just have to frog the whole thing and make something else from this bulky ball of a mess. Let this be a wake up call to all you non-finishers! When you put it down and then pick it up after several years have passed, you aren't likely to have things turn out. Your tension may have changed, the piece may have stretched, you may not be working the size that you thought, the yarn will no longer be available in that dye lot, etc.

The good news is that I did spend my required 30 minutes on attempting to finish a project which will free me up to work on other, less frustrating things.

More, More, More

If you want to see what Ms. Knotty's been up to them pop on over to my blog for a sneak peek! I'll give you a hint, one is for your head, the other for your arm!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Stashing Away!

How about you? Are you working through some of your yarn and unfinished project stockpile? I'm working on a sweater that I started years ago. Not really a very experienced knitter then and I can see it in my work. But nonetheless I made it, it's almost complete and I am going to forge ahead with it thanks to the February is for Finishing KAL!

I'm also working on the secret project but I need to purchase a set of needles to complete it and will take care of that today. I only have one more section and a little sewing left to do on it.

After that I think I will CO for
Clapotis in some Waikiki from Crystal Palace in "Cool Jazz." I'm hoping to teach others how to make this at my LYS in or around March or so, therefore I need to complete an example/sample. I thought this would be a great accessory for sleeveless dresses this spring and summer as I don't exactly look smashing with bare arms.

How are your projects coming?

Friday, February 02, 2007

SAL # 10 Completed

This one is sort of cheating, but it is something that was on the list of things I wanted to finish. It's a sweater that I made my mother almost 3 years ago now. (:-0 blushing in shame) When she tried it on it seemed all wrong and I was certain I had made a mistake as I knit it in the dark car on the way to their house. So I took it back home, ripped it down to the yoke and tried again. Once more she tried it on and it didn't fit. As I new knitter I was so confused as to what on earth had happened. I'd made the same sweater for myself and it fit great. Hmmmmm.... So it sat in a corner until my 16 year old niece came to visit in July. I had her try it on and it fit her. I quickly learned that it wasn't the size that was wrong, it was that blooming gauge!!! ARGH!

That sweater was then taken back to my home town where my sister tried it on. It fit her so I packed it back in the suitcase with the promise to sew the seams and weave in the ends so that she could have it this spring. Thankfully the item that has become known as the "white sweater" will have a home and is finally complete.

I will post the photo of it when I've taken it. So glad that is over. Now I've got to work on a replacement sweater for Momma K that actually fits her. I'll get to it soon Mom I promise!