Friday, February 02, 2007

SAL # 10 Completed

This one is sort of cheating, but it is something that was on the list of things I wanted to finish. It's a sweater that I made my mother almost 3 years ago now. (:-0 blushing in shame) When she tried it on it seemed all wrong and I was certain I had made a mistake as I knit it in the dark car on the way to their house. So I took it back home, ripped it down to the yoke and tried again. Once more she tried it on and it didn't fit. As I new knitter I was so confused as to what on earth had happened. I'd made the same sweater for myself and it fit great. Hmmmmm.... So it sat in a corner until my 16 year old niece came to visit in July. I had her try it on and it fit her. I quickly learned that it wasn't the size that was wrong, it was that blooming gauge!!! ARGH!

That sweater was then taken back to my home town where my sister tried it on. It fit her so I packed it back in the suitcase with the promise to sew the seams and weave in the ends so that she could have it this spring. Thankfully the item that has become known as the "white sweater" will have a home and is finally complete.

I will post the photo of it when I've taken it. So glad that is over. Now I've got to work on a replacement sweater for Momma K that actually fits her. I'll get to it soon Mom I promise!

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