Monday, February 05, 2007

Stashing Away!

How about you? Are you working through some of your yarn and unfinished project stockpile? I'm working on a sweater that I started years ago. Not really a very experienced knitter then and I can see it in my work. But nonetheless I made it, it's almost complete and I am going to forge ahead with it thanks to the February is for Finishing KAL!

I'm also working on the secret project but I need to purchase a set of needles to complete it and will take care of that today. I only have one more section and a little sewing left to do on it.

After that I think I will CO for
Clapotis in some Waikiki from Crystal Palace in "Cool Jazz." I'm hoping to teach others how to make this at my LYS in or around March or so, therefore I need to complete an example/sample. I thought this would be a great accessory for sleeveless dresses this spring and summer as I don't exactly look smashing with bare arms.

How are your projects coming?

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