Monday, February 26, 2007

SAL #13 Sock it to me!

I finally finished Mr. K's other sock. Boy, oh boy, oh boy! I had a wee bit of trouble closing the toe and I'd dropped a stitch, ARGH! He didn't care about any of it, he was just happy to have the socks. The self-striping yarn didn't even come close to lining up (Whoop! Whoop!: Cheap Yarn Alert!) but Mr. K, again, didn't care about that either. The man is just happy to finally have the pair. And if he is happy then so am I!
The next thing I plan to finish is "The Dress That Never Ends" for Miss K. It's her Easter dress this year. I only need to sew one seam. After that I plan to complete the bolero that does with it. All I have to do to that is sew 2 seams. I'll complete these for the last few day of February is for Finishing. After I've spent 30 minutes finishing an item I then move on to my own Lint for Lent KAL. I'm making a prayer shawl for that. Once that hour is up I'm using that time to work on my Fly Away Free Jacket (see link in previous post), I'm about 50% of the way through that. I'm also crocheting a summer wrap with Waikiki from Crystal Palace.

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