Tuesday, January 16, 2007

SAL projects 3 & 4

I love yarn, especially the color. It reminds me of all the possibilities a box of Crayolas has! Too bad the only things limiting me are my imagination and lack of skill.

Here is the lovely green Cascade Quatro I purchased

to make this:

Mine turned out like this! I modified it a little to have a bigger main compartment and widened the strap by 2 rows. I still need to block, sew on the snaps and locate a suitable buckle. It reminds me of peas and I have dubbed it my "Sweet Pea Purse." Since Brooke and Ann think yarn purchases for a class are ok then perhpas now I can shed myself of the guilt of the purchase!

Here is project #4. It's a hat for my SIL's birthday next week. It was made from Moda Dea's Sassy Stripes in the Crush colorway. I am a little concerned that it will be small but it fit Mr. Knotty so I guess it will be ok. I beleive I made the guage a little tight and therefore it may not have quite the stretch I was hoping for! I still have to make a quick scarf that will NOT be knit on 3's!! I'm feeling a 5 or a 6 coming on!

Here is project #2! This was the bolero featured in a previous blog. I will model it one day so you can see how lovely it is. It somehow loses it's charm on the hanger. I made this from an Evita yarn in watermelon. I am looking forward to wearing it. The open lace-type work is much prettier than the pictures lets on.


Em said...

I'm so glad you modified the bag pattern to be bigger; who could carry such a tiny bag in everyday life?!
The yarn turned out beautifully.
I bet the hat will stretch the more she wears it. It's going to be an awfully cute set.
And the bolero- the bolero! I love it.

crabtreennp said...

So if we stashalong can that include spinning fiber, of which I have too much?
Renee in Cary NC

Brooke said...

Beautiful!! You do such nice work!! I absolutely love the hat! If I could wear hats in Miami without looking like a total boob, I would want to wear this one! I too have gauge issues. I tend to knit tighter on DPN's or when I'm knitting in the round on circs...hmm...